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No Tricks, Just Tips for this Halloween!

Halloween is today and we all know the whole month of October has been filled with chocolate, candy and sweets of all kinds!  Here’s some tips on how you still enjoy the holiday without damaging your teeth!

Always rinse your mouth out with water when you are done eating candy, and then brush. Once you are done enjoying all of your tick or treat rewards from the night, be sure to rinse your mouth with water. Sour candies and candy in general can be a very acidic substance and this can erode your tooth enamel. Once you have rinsed with water to neutralize the acidic food then you can brush your teeth to be sure all particles are gone!

Set a candy time.  It is better for your teeth if you set a specific candy eating time frame rather than snacking on candy throughout the day. Also, try and stay away from sticky caramel candies as much as possible.

Choose the chocolate over the chewy or hard candies. We are actually telling you to go for the chocolate bar! Chewy candy will stick to the enamel of your teeth for longer periods of time which results in a higher probability of tooth decay. Chocolate will dissolve in your mouth quickly causing less damage. However, we still recommend a sugar-free option if possible!

Be careful if you have fillings, dentures, braces, or other dental work. This is very important! Chewy or hard candy can damage dental work like fillings or braces and get caught underneath retainers or dentures. Avoid biting hard candies, this may dislodge your denture or break wires. Therefore, we highly recommend looking in to a permanent option such as dental implants.

Most of all, Happy Halloween from Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery!

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