Oral And Facial Surgical Services in Nebraska

At Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery, we offer a full scope of oral and facial surgical services with expertise ranging from single tooth extraction and dental implants to full mouth reconstruction. We also offer IV sedation for our patients’ comfort and are proud to provide the latest technology to make appointments and follow-up care as easy as possible.

Our surgical services include:

Tooth Extraction

For patients with dental issues such as severe decay, overcrowding or a fractured tooth that cannot be repaired with restorative procedures, a tooth extraction may be necessary as a last resort to preserve oral health. This common procedure is usually administered under IV sedation and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes in our office.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you wish to make several improvements to your smile, you may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction. This type of restoration includes a combination of surgical procedures to correct compromised teeth due to illness, decay, trauma, uneven bite alignment or other complex issues. Following a thorough consultation with our team, we will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that caters to your specific needs and goals.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-term solution to replace an individual tooth, multiple missing teeth or even a full arch of teeth. Titanium implant posts are integrated directly with the jaw bone and are designed to replicate the natural tooth root. With implants, patients enjoy the renewed ability to eat comfortably, speak clearly and smile as if it was their natural tooth.  

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last four teeth to erupt in the mouth. Most people are in their late teens and early 20s when they emerge. Though by this stage of life, there is usually little space left in the mouth for the new teeth. As a result, the wisdom teeth may erupt at an angle, only partially or become trapped. We recommend early removal of the third molars to avoid painful issues such as infection, cysts, decay and crowding.

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Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation, or grafting, may be a good option for you if your jaw bone isn’t dense enough to securely hold a dental implant. During a bone graft procedure, the doctor will transplant bone tissue to the jawbone. Your jawbone can then fuse with the grafted bone tissue, creating a stronger, more secure foundation for a dental implant.

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Oral Pathology

Our team is committed to helping patients maintain optimal oral and overall health. We do this by identifying any abnormalities or diseases of the mouth, lower jaw, and head and neck through proper screenings and exams at our office. With early detection, serious abnormalities such as oral cancer have a much higher chance of being treated successfully.

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Instructions for Recovery

Your recovery experience is important to us. Following surgery, we will make sure you leave with all of the resources you need for a safe and speedy healing process. You can also always visit our recovery page for a complete guide to post-op recovery instructions.

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