David Rallis DDS MD

If there is one thing to know about Dr. David Rallis, it is that he is passionate about patients receiving first-rate care at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery. A true husker at heart, Dr. Rallis attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry, graduating at the top of his class. He founded Rallis Oral & Facial Surgery in 2010, after completing medical school and a six-year residency at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. In 2014, Rallis Oral & Facial Surgery changed its name to Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery.

Dr. Rallis has been practicing in the Lincoln community since 2010, taking tremendous pride in his work. For him, it is genuinely rewarding to meet with a patient who may be experiencing pre-procedure anxiousness, guide them through their visit, and see them surprised by how easy the entire experience truly is.

He takes great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery makes for each of their patients and would like future patients to know they are in best hands with his fellow surgeons and him.


Dental Degree, DDS

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Medical Degree, MD

Mayo Medical School

Surgical Residency

Mayo Clinic Hospital


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