Full Mouth Reconstruction

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a solution that transforms missing, decayed, and/or cosmetically damaged teeth into a new, fully functioning, beautiful smile. It is a great option for patients with a variety of needs, including those who have experienced bone loss over the years, those who are experiencing an uncomfortable bite, those who have missing teeth due to decay, and more. After a consultation at our office, our doctors will create a custom treatment plan that caters to the specific needs of the patient. The treatment plan will be reviewed with the patient and leave them with a completely new, rebuilt set of teeth at the completion of treatment.

Reasons for Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth restoration may be for you if you are experiencing one of the following:

  • Four or more teeth are missing or compromised
  • Eroded enamel
  • Tooth decay in multiple teeth
  • Difficulty with chewing and biting
  • Extreme bone loss of the jaw
  • Speaking is challenging
  • Dentures are irritating the gums & bone
  • Teeth have worn down due to years of grinding

Options For You

Replacing All Teeth

implant teeth
Implant Overdenture

Overdentures snap in and lock into the implants. They can easily be taken off and put back on by patient.

implant dentures
Hybrid Implant Denture

Hybrid dentures can only be removed by your general dentist for regular cleanings. They are otherwise fixed in place.

We're Here To Help

Whether you have questions about full mouth reconstruction or any other procedure, we're here to help. 

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Did You Know?

You may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction if several to all of your teeth have been compromised due to decay, bone loss, trauma, or other health issues. 


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