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Mayo Clinic Ranked #1 In US

U.S. News & World Report announced their ranking of the Best Hospitals and we are proud to announce Mayo Clinic is ranked #1 once again! Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery has deep roots at the Mayo Clinic and it is gratifying to see those roots thrive.

Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery surgeons, David Rallis DDS MD, Kevin Rieck DDS MD, and Matt Davis DDS MD, all have training from the Mayo Clinic. There, they not only learned the clinical side of providing top-notch, complex care, but the importance of the patient’s experience as well. This is why, at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery, we have always taken a concierge approach to patient care.

Everything we do, we do with the patient in mind. Patients are provided with a clean and calm environment to help them feel relaxed – we understand that surgery can be an anxious experience. Each member of the team is expected to deliver the same level of care as they would to their own family member – this comes naturally with an invested staff. Our doctors are up to date on the latest dental technology and provide IV sedation dentistry to patients so they’re able to arrive knowing they’re appointment will be a comfortable one – the docs will call patients the week of their visit to ensure they are recovering well. All of this stems from training at the Mayo Clinic. We are thankful for the knowledge the Mayo Clinic passed on to our doctors and are excited they are continuing the tradition of ranking #1!

The Needs of the Patient Come First.

No matter what your oral surgery needs, we are here to help. Our doctors are passionate about each procedure they perform and strive to give patients the best experience possible. They are dental implant specialists who have collectively placed 4,880 dental implants, wisdom teeth experts with over 95,000 teeth extracted and most importantly, have cared for nearly 50,000 happy patients.

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